4 Freedoms of Free Software

In light of the coming GPLv3, here is a quick reminder of what the 4 Freedoms are:

Freedom No. 0 is to run the program as you like (the most basic freedom a program can have).
Freedom No. 1 is to get access and study the full source-code (hence look under the hood).
Freedom No. 2 is to modify the code as you like.
Freedom No. 3 is to spread (copy) the original or modified version to anyone under the same terms as you received the original program.

As one can see Freedom No. 0 is granted by most programs.
To give you a negative example, Microshit Vista Home is not being allowed to run as a virtual machine and therefore doesn’t even have full Freedom 0!


GPL – Our Sword and Shield

The License is the ONLY way of making those oppsosed to Free Software learn to respect our values THE HARD WAY.

That’s because it exactly uses the same principles, which proprietary software makers use to protect their software – namely by applying copyright law.

Hence in times where software-patents are the new weapons greedy companies wield in order to unlawfully take away ground already established with Free Software, we have only but one choice:

To keep using our only defense directly available to any programmer:
The License.

It’s our ONLY Sword AND Shield – and it’s a highly effective one indeed! :-)


Return of the Unixes

OpenSolaris, Linux (as a Unixoid), BSD are clearly gaining tremendous momentum.

Unix-driven environments will surely drive out Windows, since Windows was never meant to be there in the first place.
Watch a whole new generation of eco-system blossom, where REAL industry-standards and compatibility-by-design will be the key-factors driving technology in the right direction.

Its like when the mamals took over the dying dinosaurs, which was much more fun from there on ever since…


1984 Reloaded

See and hear what the BigBrother has to say:


How to spot a MonopoLIE

This is the sign of a monopoLIE:

As one can see, it’s made up of three words:
1. Mono (as in “-culture”), which is to avoid because of all it’s negative side-effects, eg. Windoze
2. Monopol, which is massively negative from a economical standpoint
3. LIE, which is what this basically is (don’t believe this interoperability-sh*t for just one second).

If you also wonder, why they came up with that stupid monkey-logo, here is a clue:

So whenever you see that sign of the monopoLIE, just stop for a moment and think to yourself:

“I’m not a monkey – so please stop the dancing!”


MS/Novell is not worth…

…the bits and bytes of the comp it was written on:


Since when does such non-news get posted?


GNU / Linux

Here are some versions of a picture/logo I envisioned:

Feel free to take it as an idea and improve it!


IP = Intellectual Piracy / Indulgency Payment

Reading this article, I came up with the idea of calling “IP” its true name: Intellectual Piracy or better INDULGENCY PAYMENT!


Apache-SSL Now First Choice

Despite some dirty tricks, Apache has continued to rise and now displaced IIS as SSL-secured webserver according to the latest netcraft-study:


Another step and example where Free as in Freedom-software is taking the long-term lead!


Things to avoid on The Road ahead

In this fantastic and in-depth analysis, we get a detailed plan of what MicroSoft plans are to gain dominance of the WHOLE IT-and-entertainment-industry:


I find the part in section “HomeEntertainment – HomeGateway” the most important thing that one should be aware of.

So tell everyone, in their own interests:
Buy a Sony Playstation or a Nintendo, and stay the hell away from xbox or anything thats coming out of redmond!