Community != Communism

Recently, a discussion has come up, if something so effective and powerfull as GNU/Linux could be linked to a communistic ideal opposing the ‘good virtues’ of corporate business, especially US.

My personal view is:
There are some important differences in those two words, although they appear to be similar for astethic reasons: communistic as in community…

Where communism forces anyone to participate by artifically shutting down the free markets, community-driven projects force others to respond only by competing and succeeding in a corporate envirenmont on their own merits!

So communism has something artifical to it, where community is something natural, evolutionary.
Also note that for example the GPL-community doesn’t exclude anyone, but offers the choice for anyone to join or not to join, be it an individual or a big business (eg, IBM).

“By using FOSS, you’re propagating Communism-
A Reminder of Monopoly-convicted Software Giant MS”


Harry Tuttle