Java #1

Java is the cream of programming languages in the 21st century!

What this report also shows, is that Microsoft has again come too late and with the wrong strategy (NON-open programming languages tied to environment and ie with NON-standard languages = dotnet) to try and react to the ongoing wildfire-spreading of JAVA everywhere.

I think JAVA will continue to dominate by far (like Apache does for webservers) and this is because of the maturity, rich- and openess of the whole Java-ecosystem.

Look at the availability of 1st-class tools like Eclipse, JBoss, ApacheGeronimo, Tomcat, just to name a few.
And whats best: Most of them are FREE as in freedom AND cost 0 cent AND run on Free LinuxServers – what more could you ask for?

Edit: Having discovered that beautiful analysis debunking MicroSoft, I found it interesting to read about it here:

As you can see 3 years later on, C# fails miserably in coming even close as an alternative…Good luck to anyone having build their company’s future success on that one!


Harry Tuttle