Ghost-Debate “NetNeutrality”

I’m fed up with this whole thing called “NetNeutrality”…

This is a debate, which has absolutely nothing todo with reality,
and here is why:

I (like anyone else surfing the net) already pay for my internet-connection.
So do all the content-providers I connect to.
If I want a faster access to some content, I have to upgrade my connection and pay more.
If Google wants to deliver their content faster to anyone out there, they have to do the same:
They also pay for higher bandwith/traffic to send their content over the net.

Let’s take an example:
User Bob pays for a 1MBit/s-line and connects to Content-Provider X.
X streams content to the net with 10 Mbit/s.
All Bob can get is limited to a maximum of 1 Mbit/s (or: if more than 10 people connect to X with 1 Mbit/s or more, the maximum capacity of X is reached and the speedrate for Bob is less than 1 Mbit/s).

Then there is Alice, paying for a 5 Mbit/s-connection.
She also connects to Content-Provider X.
She has her content transferred faster than Bob,
if the connection of X hasn’t reached it’s limit.

If Content-Provider X has so much traffic, that it cannot satisfy all people connecting and streaming content, it has the option to upgrade to a higher bandwith (maybe 100Mbit/s) which sure will cost more.

So EVERY participant already pays for different connection speeds and therefore have the ability to send and/or receive digital content.
Everything’s perfectly paid for!

So where does the pseudo-idea come from, that there must be something like “net-neutrality”?

This “netneutrality”-debate is the stupidest thing I ever heard of!
It’s like hunting for some witch-soul or evil spirit/demon of the middleages, where most people nowadays know such things don’t exist. Go search for the ghost-in-the-machine…
Starting to discuss something “unreal” and eerie can only be seen as a lame attempt to ultimately trick the minds of the masses to restrict the freedom of anyone paying and having the ability to share and spread their opinions/content over an increasingly faster network!

Anyone discussing this NN on the assumption it has some facts based on reality must be seriously off their medication or has absolutly no knowledge of how the net actually built itself to what it is today…


Harry Tuttle