Where Microsoft already lost

Here I have the pleasure of presenting you 5 things where Microshit already lost some vital battles in the ongoing fight of control over the future:

5. Google

Google continues to be the number 1 portal to connect to the net.
With the power to steer a massive userbase to just the right things and tools (Google Maps, Mozilla Firefox) while keeping them away from Microshit, one can smell the air of chairs flying in Googles direction.

4. Ubuntu

Hardly anywhere else you find such a well-organised community.
Anytime a user wants to explore the possibilities of this wonderful operating-system called GNU/Linux, here comes the support of thousands of equal-minded people = a free-as-freedom-AND-beer community! It’s already an exceptional and fast-growing knowledge-base which is getting bigger and bigger everyday.

This article shows how well things go together in FOSS-Land
and brings us right to spot number 3:

3. JAVA, AJAX and Mozilla aka “The Web2.0-Technology”
MS has fought this revolution from becoming reality since day one:
Incompatibility, sabotaging standards, trying to make protocols and infrastructure of the web propriatary, etc.
Because it enables to share, to cooperate and to educate the masses:
It brings us such wonderful things like GNU/Linux, Mozilla, Free-Software, Wikipedia, AJAX, Youtube and a gazillion other things Microshit hates and fears.

Slowly creeping in and feasting on that monopoly (with the help of Google), 25% in Europe already use a program formerly known as Netscape: Firefox.

With JAVA being the backbone of the Net, now GPLed and running on GNU/Linux, this is a software-stack combo Microshit fears.

And with AJAX on top, it makes the whole Micro-V(irtual)B(ull)shit-Environment look like some stupid idea to base future code on.

Web 2.0 already becomes the future for most (if not all) software-GUIs and while nobody wants to get lured into the money-sucking-.net, FOSS gives any Microshit-Windozw-tied applications a very bleak future.

2. Apple + Itunes
The MP3-format came first and took over.
Then came the commercial version mp4 and Apple selling tunes over the net.
And so Itunes must be really one of Gates worst nightmares come true:
It makes a nice alternative to that horror-DRM-ridden-zune with all that WMA-crap, and whats worse: Now with the arrival of DRM-free songs, it makes Vista’s outlook dim to the point of irrelevance! (hence Silverlight to the rescue…? which makes me come to the Top spot…)

Read more about the impact of DRM-free-music here

And finally, here comes something Microshit hasn’t really seen it coming:

It’s cool, it’s hot, it comes with a short memorizable name Microsoft will never match!
This is becoming so hot so fast, it makes Microshit react in very short time and come up with some dull-sounding thing called “Silverlight” (as in “the light seen at the end of the road…”).

The technologie has built up before to become a defacto-standard by displaying annoying webads.
But nowadays, it has found a KILLER-use: in displaying videostreams!
It in fact makes streaming content so easily, it has established a defacto-standard for webvideos (like mp3 for audio) practically overnight!

And in return webvideos enable anyone to learn, learn, learn by watching and sharing knowledge visually (installing Linux, using flash (oh the irony…))

Flash was looming there before (nobody really noticed because of the misuse of displaying ads) and then: BAM! it suddenly (like Napster) busted into homes overnight with the help of the rise of Youtube.

Since then, new multimedia-sites pop up everyday and use FLASH as their prime technology:


This is what freaks the hell out of those shills at Redmond!

And whats best: It can happen again and again, everyday, with any future technology the more control Microsoft loses over the ongoing changes of computer and software landscape.

This renders Microsoft more and more helpless and practically unable to compete on their own.
The only option left is to try to abuse its monopoly or else surrender key-positions of emerging markets to competition.

These are 5 fine examples where Microshit’s deep in trouble and with every defeat the future looks even worse.
Reminds me of Germany around 1943: Suddenly the winter came and everything went downhill from there on…


Harry Tuttle